I requested Zoya from fictograph yesterday and she requested Nikolai from me today. 

So great. Love the expression, the white gloves, and OF COURSE, the medals! 

One of the most charming fictional princes I have ever met.



I requested Zoya from fictograph yesterday and she requested Nikolai from me today. 

So great. Love the expression, the white gloves, and OF COURSE, the medals!

One of the most charming fictional princes I have ever met.

FGUP Patintero: FGUP Boys vs. FGUP girls.

Winner: FGUP Girls. 

Pa-ahrt food during KapitolYOLO food trip with Life Friends <3 

Jul 4

Roman facades. 

Pantheon, Fountain of Trevi, Basilica de San Pietro.

Jul 3

Amor Implacable

This morning, I cried so very hard.

I was so moved to tears that I simply sat on the floor, for a good thirty minutes, sobbing like a baby into my hands, with a towel that I used to wipe away the oncoming tears. 

When I woke up, it was another ordinary day. It wasn’t so different to yesterday, really. Of course, each day is different but, you know what I mean. There was nothing special about today—but then, I was proven wrong. 


I opened my prayer journal this very morning to share how I’ve been, how awful I felt, how great I felt, and blah-blah-blah, when my hand just suddenly stopped from writing and a sob escaped my lips.

At that very moment, my thoughts just completely vanished, and I was pulled into a silence so overwhelming that it made my hands shake and tears start pooling in my eyes. 

Something so powerful came over me and I could do nothing but surrender in the comfort of my tears— and I may have looked like a maniac, staring up at the ceiling, crying and laughing at the same time. Because that very moment the most powerful silence came over me and shook me— it was the silent reminder of love. 

I wish I could put into words that feeling of surrender and complete helplessness, you know? Because that moment felt like something I shouldn’t feel just by myself. Everybody deserved to feel that kind of love. It was the most liberating feeling of helplessness I’ve ever experienced, and it attacked me so spontaneously that I can’t help but marvel. 

Every single day passes with the noise of life and living. 

Today, I felt the powerful tug of God’s embrace. How He rendered me so powerless that I was just overflowing with the love He wanted me to feel that very moment, because I was so busy over myself, fussing over the world and all these things that I can’t even remember how to really listen, how to quiet my heart and just feel.

It was so powerful that I can’t help but write about it because, at this very moment, I am praying for you—you who are reading this right now—that He pulls you in the silence of a loving embrace. That you, in the bustle of life, feel the serenity of an all-loving Father who is so powerful, so great that you just sit and see how blessed and loved you are. Because you are loved and deserve to be loved, and every single day, if the world proves you to be undeserving, God will prove the whole world wrong.

It is the greatest love of all. The most perfect. And how relentless He loves. Forever. 

Jun 9


Little bit of a closer look at the limited edition Grisha poster! You can read here for info on how to snag one! (Please support independent booksellers!) This version is the original design without the branding. I’m quite fond of how it all came out!

You know, I started drawing Grisha fanart a ways back, a little while after the first book was released. I was such a fan of the richly imagined world, the very likable and sardonic heroine, the damn costuming, the fabulous author… And now here I am, with my sparkly official Grisha poster (thank you Kayte and Keith for making it even prettier). I could not be more fortunate, more privileged, more honored.

If you end up getting a poster, please take a picture, post it, and tag me. I’d love to see it in someone else’s cute paws.

Alina’s white hair <3

Jun 9




(Source: wallygervers)


In highschool, I had two teachers who were sweethearts since their high school years. 

Ms. Cruz (who is of course, now a Mrs.) had been our Christian Living Education teacher since sophomore year, while Sir Miller came at a later time. He was our computer teacher during junior year.

Coming from an exclusive school for girls, we really had just a number of male teachers, and we were fairly close with them. One specific inside joke that I share with my teacher couple comes in the form of the fruit, which is a banana— but that story’s too long to tell, but still fond to us up to this day.

I was really touched to find out that I was invited to their wedding, so, of course, I didn’t pass up the opportunity to go.

And when I saw Ms. Cruz start walking down the aisle? 

Let’s just say it was a very beautiful moment. 

There was a time when Ms.Cruz told us that their (hers and Sir Miller’s) students were part of their love story too; I already said it, but I’m repeating it for good measure. I really was touched to witness them enter the new chapter of their lives. 


And my only prayer is that God keeps the love strong between both of them. It’s been a long time coming and finally. It’s another chapter to a beautiful love story. 



"Welcome, lost one."

Talenel and Wit from the epilogue of WoK! (Finally Taln! I always want to depict him XD) They’re also a part of the interlude character crossover. This is probably the last piece of these days, and I’ll come back in summer. See you later =D

Wit: Wanna play some music???

Taln: Storm off.

Wit: ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Note: The design of Wit’s enthir is inspired by cittern, a stringed instrument from the Renaissance period =)

EDIT: Clearer version uploaded

Ohmygoodness. 😭